Can You Get Krystal Burgers in the Morning?

Yes, You can get Krystal burgers in the morning. Whether you can snag a Krystal burger in the morning depends entirely on the specific location you choose While Krystal does offer a breakfast menu at many locations, not all restaurants participate. Here’s what you need to know:

Unfortunately, Krystal’s breakfast hours aren’t uniform across all locations, making it important to check with your specific Krystal before heading out. However, here’s some general information and tips to help you:

Krystal Breakfast Hours:

  • Most Krystal locations start serving breakfast between 6 AM and 7 AM.
  • Breakfast typically ends around 11 AM, but some locations may continue serving it until noon or later.

Checking Your Local Krystal:

  • Visit the Krystal website or app: They have a location finder where you can enter your address or choose from a map to see specific hours for that location.
  • Call your local Krystal: This is the quickest and most reliable way to confirm their breakfast hours and availability.
  • Look for online posts or reviews: While not as definitive as direct confirmation, some recent online reviews or social media posts might mention their breakfast hours.

Additional Notes:

  • Some Krystal locations may not offer breakfast at all, transitioning directly to their regular menu after closing overnight.
  • Breakfast hours may vary on weekends or holidays. Double-check before heading out if you’re visiting on a special day.
  • Keep in mind that breakfast hours can change over time, so it’s always best to check for the latest information before your visit.

I hope this helps you find the Krystal breakfast you crave! Remember, a quick call or check online can save you a trip in case they aren’t serving breakfast when you arrive.

Krystal’s Breakfast Menu 2024

Biscuits & Sandwiches:

Sausage, Egg & Cheese BiscuitButtery biscuit with savory sausage patty, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty American cheese460$3.19
Bacon, Egg & Cheese BiscuitButtery biscuit with crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty American cheese450$3.19
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Toast SandwichToasted bread with savory sausage patty, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty American cheese390$2.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Toast SandwichToasted bread with crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty American cheese380$2.99
Gravy BiscuitButtery biscuit smothered in savory sausage gravy340$2.29
Spicy Chik® Breakfast SandwichToasted bun with crispy chicken breast, spicy mayo, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty cheese480$3.49
Chick Breakfast SandwichToasted bun with crispy chicken breast, mayo, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty cheese460$3.29
Ham & Egg BiscuitButtery biscuit with sliced ham, fluffy scrambled egg, and melty American cheese420$3.39
Sunriser®Krystal’s signature square hamburger with fried egg370$2.79
3 Egg Breakfast PlateThree fluffy scrambled eggs served with your choice of biscuit or grits and sausage or bacon520$4.99


Hash BrownsGolden-fried shredded potatoes160$1.09
GritsCreamy and flavorful Southern-style grits190$1.79
Fruit CupSeasonal fresh fruit medley60$1.59
Sausage LinksTwo savory sausage links220$1.50


Coffee (Small/Medium/Large)Freshly brewed coffee$1.39-$2.39
Soft Drinks (Small/Medium/Large)Various carbonated beverages$1.39-$2.39
Juice (Small/Medium/Large)Orange or apple juice$1.79-$2.79
Milk (Low-fat/Chocolate)Small size of your choice$1.39

Krystal Burgers:

Original Krystal®Sliced onion, mustard, and a dill pickle on our signature square steamed bun160$1.99
Cheese Krystal®Original Krystal® with a slice of American cheese180$2.19
Bacon Krystal®Original Krystal® with crispy bacon220$2.49
Double Krystal®Two savory beef patties, sliced onion, mustard, and a dill pickle on our signature square steamed bun320$3.79
Triple Krystal®Three savory beef patties, sliced onion, mustard, and a dill pickle on our signature square steamed bun480$5.59
Chik®Crispy chicken breast, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on our signature square steamed bun440$3.29
Spicy Chik®Crispy chicken breast, spicy mayo, lettuce, and tomato on our signature square steamed bun460$3.49

The Breakfast Menu at Krystal

What Makes Krystal’s Breakfast Unique

The breakfast menu at Krystal sets them apart from other fast-food chains. One distinct feature is their iconic Krystal burger, which is served in miniature size perfect for morning consumption. The combination of savory beef patty, steamed onions, tangy mustard, and soft bun makes it a unique breakfast option that you won’t find elsewhere.

Krystal’s breakfast menu also offers a variety of classic breakfast items with a southern twist, such as their grits and sausage biscuits. This combination of traditional southern flavors with fast-food convenience gives Krystal a unique edge in the breakfast market.

Popular Breakfast Items

To cater to different tastes and preferences, Krystal’s breakfast menu includes a range of popular items such as their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, as well as their signature Krystal Scrambler featuring eggs, cheese, and a choice of sausage or bacon.

With a focus on fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and quick service, Krystal’s breakfast offerings have become a favorite among early risers looking for a delicious and satisfying meal to start their day.

Availability of Krystal Burgers in the Morning

One of the burning questions for Krystal Burger enthusiasts is whether they can enjoy their favorite sliders in the morning. The good news is that yes, you can get Krystal Burgers in the morning at select locations. However, it’s essential to understand the serving hours and any exceptions that may apply.

Serving Hours for Burgers

Burgers are typically served during regular meal times, but some Krystal Burger locations offer breakfast options that include their delicious sliders. The serving hours for Krystal Burgers in the morning may vary depending on the specific restaurant’s operating hours. It is advisable to check with your nearest Krystal Burger location for their specific breakfast serving times.

Exceptions and Special Locations

To cater to early risers and breakfast lovers, some Krystal Burger locations have made exceptions to serve their signature burgers in the morning. These special locations may have extended breakfast hours or may offer a limited breakfast menu that includes their famous Krystal Burgers. If you’re craving a Krystal Burger in the morning, it’s worth checking with your local restaurant to see if they offer breakfast options.

How to Enjoy Krystal Burgers Outside Regular Hours

Not all fast-food chains offer their full menu during early morning hours, but for Krystal lovers, there are ways to satisfy your cravings even outside of regular operating hours. Whether you’re an early bird or looking for alternative menu options, there are strategies to enjoy Krystal burgers whenever the mood strikes.

Tips for Early Birds

For those craving Krystal burgers in the morning, consider checking with your local Krystal to see if they offer breakfast options. Some locations may open early and serve breakfast items, giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite sliders before the regular menu is available. Additionally, you can always inquire about pre-ordering your burgers the night before to pick up in the morning.

  • Plan ahead and pre-order your burgers
  • Check for locations that offer breakfast options
  • Consider stocking up on frozen Krystal burgers for morning cravings

After satisfying your early morning Krystal burger fix, you can start your day off on a delicious note and feel prepared to take on whatever lies ahead.

Alternative Menu Options

Hours outside of the typical lunch and dinner rush may limit the availability of certain menu items. However, Krystal offers a variety of alternatives for those seeking something different from their classic burgers. From chicken sandwiches to chili cheese pups, there are options to explore beyond the traditional menu.

Plus, don’t forget to check for limited-time offers or new menu additions that may provide a unique twist on your favorite Krystal flavors. The variety ensures there’s always something delicious to try, no matter the time of day.

To wrap up

So, if you’re craving Krystal burgers in the morning, you may be out of luck. While some locations may serve breakfast items, the iconic Krystal burger usually isn’t available until later in the day. It’s always best to check with your local Krystal restaurant to see if they offer breakfast options and what time their full menu becomes available. Remember, Krystal burgers are a delicious treat any time of day!


Q: Can you get Krystal burgers in the morning?

A: Yes, Krystal offers breakfast options that include their famous Krystal burgers during morning hours.

Q: What time does Krystal start serving breakfast?

A: Krystal typically starts serving breakfast at 6:00 AM at most locations.

Q: Are Krystal burgers available all day?

A: While Krystal primarily serves burgers during regular business hours, they also offer breakfast and limited-time menu items.

Q: What are some popular breakfast items at Krystal?

A: Popular breakfast items at Krystal include the Krystal Scrambler, Sunriser, and Biscuits with Sausage Gravy.

Q: Can I order Krystal breakfast items through delivery services?

A: Yes, Krystal breakfast items are available for delivery through select delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash.