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Paris 7th Menu and Hours and Price Details

Paris 7th is a restaurant located in Fort Worth that offers a sophisticated and amazing culinary experience. The restaurant promises to provide you with the perfect service, an outstanding blend of flavors, and a captivating atmosphere that will make your dining experience remarkable. It’s a restaurant where you will be treated to an unforgettable dining experience.

Paris 7th is a restaurant that offers a variety of caviar dishes that elevate your dining experience. Their menu includes Maison Pétrossian’s Royal Ossetra, a caviar that has been famous since the fall of the Russian Empire. You can try it, which includes two blinis. For those who want more, they offer a full ounce of this exceptional caviar, which comes with classic French side dishes.

You can start your culinary journey with their Amuses Bouches and Petits Appetizers, which are carefully crafted to tease your palate. Their Artichoke Tapenade from Côte d’ Azur is a mix of artichoke hearts, green olives, capers, garlic, and olive oil on house crostinis. Alternatively, you can try the Marinated Olives from Provence.

Their Charcuterie and Fromagerie section features a Charcuterie Platter that includes cured meats, saucisson, prosciutto, house terrine, and more, accompanied by moutarde royale, olives, and smoked almonds. The Hor d’Oeuvres Appetizers section features exquisite dishes like George’s Bank Diver Sea Scallops from Cape Cod, flown in for a delectable experience.

Their Les Poissons section offers the Dover Sole Meunière, Summer Sea Bass (Branzino), and George’s Bank Diver Scallops Entree, showcasing the finest in seafood cuisine. 

You can complete your meal with their sumptuous Garnitures and Sides, ranging from Hand-Cut Duck Fat Fries to Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts.

Their dessert section includes delights like Floating Island, Duo of Crème Brulées, and Grand Marnier Soufflé.

Paris 7th is located at 3324 W 7th St, Fort Worth, TX, and is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to make a reservation, you can call (817) 489-5300.

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What Time Does Paris 7th Start and Stop Serving Breakfast?

Paris 7th doesn’t have a Breakfast hour, as it starts after 5 PM and stops at 9:30 PM every day except Monday and Tuesday.

What Time Does Paris 7th Start and Stop Serving Lunch?

Paris 7th doesn’t have a Lunch hour, as it starts after 5 PM and stops at 9:30 PM every day except Monday and Tuesday.

What Time Does Paris 7th Start and Stop Serving Dinner?

Paris 7th’s Dinner hour starts after 5 PM and stops at 9:30 PM every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Opening And Closing Time Of Paris 7th

Thursday5:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Friday5:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Saturday5:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Sunday5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday5:30 PM – 9:30 PM

The exact closing time is not specified, but it is likely to vary depending on the day and the number of customers.

Paris 7th Menu Price List Explained

Paris 7th Menu


Dish NameDescriptionPriceCalorie Count
Royal OssetraFrom Maison Pétrossian in Paris, this caviar is considered one of the best since the fall of the Russian Empire. Served with iced Blackland Vodka. $18 for a taste (two blinis)$1830
Ounce of Royal Ossetra CaviarA full ounce of Royal Ossetra from Maison Pétrossian in Paris, accompanied by classic French accoutrements. Served with iced Blackland Vodka. $120$120120


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Artichoke Tapenade – Côte d’ AzurArtichoke TapenadeArtichoke hearts, green olives, capers, garlic, olive oil, house crostinis$6.50320
Olives Marinées – ProvenceMarinated OlivesAssorted olives in house marinade$6.50180
Petit Fromage – CentrePetite Cheese PlateA taste of imported cheese to enjoy with your apéritif$7.50250
Saumon Fumé – ParisSmoked Salmon Cucumber BitesCucumber slices topped with smoked salmon and smoked salmon crème fraiche$7.50280
French Garlic Bread – Midi-PyrénéesGarlic Herb BaguetteCrusty baguette rubbed with fresh garlic herb duck fat butter and drizzled with olive oil$4.50200


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Plateau de CharcuterieCharcuterie PlatterAssorted cured meats including saucisson, prosciutto, house terrine, and more with moutarde royale, olives, smoked almonds$18.50550
Plateau de FromagesCheese PlatterFour interesting cheeses with fig compote, fruits, and nuts, served with toasted baguette crostinis$18.50480
Le Grand PlateauThe Grand BoardA combination of both Charcuterie and Fromage on one big board$34.501030


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Soupe du JourSoup of the DayToday’s soup, consult the blackboard$12.50180
Soupe à l’Oignon ‘’Les Halles’’Les Halles Onion SoupFrench onion soup with melted Gruyère, as served in Paris$14.50320


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
George’s Bank Diver Sea ScallopsCape Cod Sea ScallopsU-10 scallops flown in from Cape Cod. Check the blackboard for tonight’s preparation. $24.50 for two scallops, $49.50 for four scallops.$24.50240
Pâté de Canard MaisonHouse Duck PâtéCountry-style duck terrine served with French condiments and crostinis.$14.50320
Tartare de Filet de BœufBeef Tenderloin TartareHand-chopped fresh tenderloin served raw with traditional French embellishments and toasted baguette.$16.50280
Escargots à la BourguignonneBurgundy SnailsOne dozen burgundy snails cooked in garlic, pastis & herb butter, presented in the shells.$19.50220
Foie Gras De Canard PoêléSeared Duck Foie GrasSeared duck foie gras slice served with apple puree, grand marnier spiced walnuts, and a cider madeleine. Sauternes by the glass available for $14.85.$24.50450


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Salade Grand-PèreGrandfather’s SaladOur longtime house salad: Boston lettuce in Dijon vinaigrette with walnuts and lardons.$12.50180
Salade “Chez César”Caesar’s SaladHoney gem lettuce in classic Caesar dressing with white anchovies, chickpea, and parmesan gaufrettes.$12.50250
Beet and GoatBeet and Goat Cheese SaladRed & golden beets, chêvre nougat, Fuji apple, candied pecan, baby spinach, Xéres vinaigrette.$14.50320
Belgian Endive and BlueEndive and Blue SaladBelgian endive with poached pear, pine nuts, cranberries, grapes, and Roquefort dressing.$14.50280


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Carré D’AgneauAustralian Lamb RackRack of Australian lamb served with a Roquefort leek tart, squash pearls, and roasted red bell pepper demi-glace.$52.50720
Ribeye L’Entrecôte Steak Frites DeluxeDeluxe Ribeye Steak Frites16oz ribeye steak, nicely trimmed, served with sauce Au Poivre vert, asparagus, and pommes frites.$62.50980
Filet D’ Angus NoirAngus Black Center-Cut Tenderloin8+ oz center-cut tenderloin served with asparagus, seasonal squash, rosemary horseradish whipped potatoes, and sauce Bordelaise. Note: No well-done option available for the tenderloin.$52.50620
Bœuf BourguignonBeef BourguignonSlowly braised in red wine with mushrooms, pearl onions, carrots, and bacon, served with tagliatelle pasta. Gluten-free homemade tagliatelle pasta is available.$38.50580
Foie Gras TorchonFoie Gras TorchonTop your steak with foie gras torchon.$17180


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Canard Rôti OriginalOriginal Roasted DuckOur famous since 1985 recipe: roasted in a wood-fired oven, half a duck is served on fresh spinach with Xéres vinaigrette and orange sections. Pommes frites garniture.$38.50780
Magret et ConfitDuck Two WaysDuck two ways: Moulard duck breast cooked like a steak, paired with duck leg confit. Served with farro with roasted cauliflower, spiced pistachios, and a pomegranate jus.$48.50920
Magret OnlyFrench Duck SteakThe French duck steak! Same preparation as beef tenderloin.$52.50650
Coq Au Vin BlancWhite Wine Braised ChickenHalf a deboned chicken braised in white wine with mushrooms, pearl onions, heirloom carrots, and bacon atop tagliatelle.$32.50540


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
Sole de Douvres MeunièreDover Sole MeunièreOne of the best (and most expensive) fish, our Dover sole is cooked whole, filleted for you, finished with a brown lemon butter and parsley. *When available. Limited to two orders per table.$69.50520
Le Loup de Mer En ÈtèSummer Sea Bass (Branzino)Mediterranean baby sea bass (aka Branzino) with bonne femme sauce (white wine mushroom crème), served atop an heirloom carrot risotto, and fried Brussels sprout leaves.$38.50650
George’s Bank Diver Sea ScallopsGeorge’s Bank Diver Scallops EntreeGeorge’s Bank Diver Scallops Entree. See the blackboard for today’s preparation.$49.50360
FRESH FISHFresh FishMarket price, see the blackboard. Fresh fish is our specialty and our passion. In addition to our exceptional Dover sole and superb Loup de Mer, we feature today’s selection on the blackboard.MarketVaries


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
POMMES FRITESHand-Cut Duck Fat FriesHand-cut thin fries cooked in duck fat, seasoned with sea salt and garlic, served with aïoli.$8280
HEIRLOOM CARROTSChampagne Lavender Glazed CarrotsHeirloom carrots with a champagne honey lavender glaze.$9150
HARICOTS VERTS AMANDINEFrench Green Beans AmandineFrench green beans sautéed with a little butter, minced garlic, parsley, lemon, and toasted almonds.$9120
GNOCCHI DE LA SAISONSeasonal GnocchiGnocchi sautéed in Roquefort Dijonnaise crème.$14450
CHAMPIGNONSHerbed Mushroom MedleySeasonal mushrooms sautéed in herbed beurre noisette (brown butter).$14220
CHOUX DE BRUXELLESBrussels Sprouts with WalnutsDuck fat-roasted Brussels sprouts with walnuts.$14180


ItemEnglish NameDescriptionPriceCalories
ŒUFS À LA NEIGEFloating IslandCrème anglaise, floating island meringue, with caramel drizzle, and smoked almonds.$10.50320
GELATO DI GIORNOChef’s Inspired GelatoItalian-style ice cream made in-house, Chef-inspired flavor each week.$10.50280
BRANDY ICEBrandy IceHouse-made Vanilla ice cream blended with brandy & creme de cacao, may also be split in two petite for sharing.$12.50420
DUO DE CRÈMES BRULÉESDuo of Crème BruléesClassic French vanilla crème brulée and a chocolate ganache crème brulée because the only thing better than a crème brulée is deux!$14.50500
TUILE AUX MÛRESBerry TuileA medley of berries warmed in crème de cassis liquor with sweetened fromage blanc in a crunchy pistachio-coconut “cup” atop a genoise (sponge) cake.$14.50380
BRANDY ICE TO GOBrandy Ice To GoIf you prefer your dessert in a liquid form: house-made French vanilla ice cream blended with brandy & creme de cacao, one big red cup, good for two.$14.50450
GRAND MARNIER SOUFFLÉGrand Marnier SouffléSoufflés have a reputation for being difficult and requiring great culinary mastery. This simple recipe creates an amazing cloud of orange-y deliciousness in a sky-high ethereal dessert. Chantilly cream included! Available Wednesday thru Thursday only!$14.50560

What Are Some Popular Dishes At Paris 7th

If you’re looking for a great dining experience in Paris’ 7th, you can try the most popular dishes like-

  • Royal Ossetra
  • Plateau de Charcuterie
  • Canard Rôti Original
  • Ribeye L’Entrecôte Steak Frites Deluxe
  • Carré D’Agneau
  • Soupe à l’Oignon ‘’Les Halles’

These culinary options offer a unique range of flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

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About Paris 7th Restaurant Français

About Paris 7th Restaurant

Visit Paris 7th, a cozy French restaurant located at 3324 W 7th St, in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. 

At Paris 7th, you can relish the authentic flavors of French cuisine, prepared with the finest ingredients and utmost precision. 

Paris 7th has been a popular dining spot for those who love French cuisine. The menu features a range of delicious dishes, including Coq au Vin, Tarte Tatin, and French Press coffee, all cooked to perfection with culinary expertise.

Step into the warm and welcoming ambiance of Paris 7th, which blends modern decor with French charm. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or an intimate meal, the restaurant’s friendly and attentive staff will ensure that you have a memorable experience.

Paris 7th is exclusive to dine-in service and offers various seating options to accommodate families and larger groups. The restaurant is also known for its exceptional coffee and delectable desserts.

Free parking is available in a spacious lot for your convenience, and you can pay using credit cards, debit cards, or NFC mobile payments.

To enjoy the delightful French gastronomy at Paris 7th, dinner reservations are highly recommended. So make sure to book in advance. Don’t miss out on the chance to savor the culinary treasures at Paris 7th!

What Are The Customers Saying

Paris 7th is a restaurant in Texas City that offers high-end cuisine. It has a 4.9 rating on OpenTable, based on 680 reviews, and is known for its great food and service. The restaurant is easy to get to and has a European feel. On Google Maps, it has a 4.8-star rating from 190 reviews, with diners complimenting the drinks and staff.

Yelp rates it with 4.4 stars from 90 reviews, highlighting its diverse menu, which includes scallops, steak, fish, and duck. TripAdvisor also rates it highly, with a 4.5-star rating from 35 reviews, and recommends making reservations. Customers enjoy the food and service and describe the restaurant as lovely and special.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paris 7th offer catering services?

Yes, Paris 7th is available for catering services

Does Paris 7th offer any special dietary options?

Yes, Paris 7th is a restaurant that caters to different dietary needs, offering gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. Customers appreciate the restaurant’s delicious food, cozy ambiance, and excellent service.

What are the price ranges at Paris 7th?

The price range at Paris 7th is between $10 to $120. The most expensive item in the menu is La Caviar.

What type of cuisine does Paris 7th offer?

Paris 7th offers traditional French cuisine, including dishes such as foie gras, caviar, escargots, and other classic French delicacies. The restaurant is known for its focus on the dining experience and its quiet, elegant setting.