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FIAC 2017 in the Tuileries Garden

Walk through the Tuileries Garden for a free promenade of contemporary art "out-the-walls"!

On the occasion of the FIAC 2017, 25 outdoors works of confirmed artists are exhibited to the public, passers-by or art lovers in the walkways of the royal garden.

An architectural stroll that is worth going out of your way to see !

Starting from October, 14th to 29th

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Christian Dior, the exhibition

Dive into the heart of creation!

Until January, 7th, 2018, the Museum of Decorative Arts invites you to discover a sublime exhibition on the creation of Maison Dior. Over 400 high fashion dresses, accessories and flagship items are on display and trace the history of the 20th century fashion.

This exhibition is a success and presents an impressive chronological and thematic course.

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from 2nd of June to 29th of October 2017

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris highlights the most beautiful works of Derain, Balthus and Giacometti. The exhibition will remind you to live their most beautiful moments of artists. Their friendship will be illustrated through more than 200 works. Beyond a reciprocal admiration and a true affection which they will testify throughout their life, it is a deep aesthetic community that brings them together.

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